Rome, Special Edition Roadshow Club Kairos 2016

31 May 2016

The special event “CONSISTENT BY CHOICE, ALTERNATIVE BY NATURE” was held on 26 May at Rome’s lovely Villa Miani as part of the Club Kairos 2016 Roadshow.

Amir Kuhdari, head of the firm’s commercial department, welcomed guests and presented Kairos as an asset management boutique with a game plan that differs from the approach taken by the market’s other major players, as it offers quality over quantity with a small number of well-designed investment solutions.

After remarks by Guido Brera, Chief Investment Officer, who detailed the firm’s management concept and Kairos’s award-winning products, a round table discussion began with the Group’s asset managers, moderated by Class CNBC Director Andrea Cabrini.

“We need to generate an excellent risk/return ratio and we need to do this through diversification and low correlation in our portfolios”, summed up Rocco Bove, Bond Manager, as he discussed the bond market’s transformation.

Massimo Trabattoni, Italian Equity Manager, shared his view of the European market, which has come up short of the positive forecasts at the start of the year, and described how the situation is exacerbated by conflict between European partners: we must learn to exploit the inefficiencies.

“This context of rock-bottom interest rates, in which it is hard to imagine a natural switch from bonds to equities, makes alternative strategies an attractive opportunity”, noted Michele Gesualdi, Chief Investment Officer of the Multi-Manager business.

On the other hand, Federico Riggio, Portfolio Manager, looks to decorrelation to decrease portfolio risk, focusing on stocks that present symmetry in terms of the market’s perception of the risk/return ratio.

Strategist Alessandro Fugnoli offered the concluding remarks, shedding light on the situation at the start of the year, which has revealed both structural and real economy issues, but has prepared us for the unexpected. Overall, European growth is good, and we will need to carefully consider investments in emerging countries and in gold, avoiding pointless risk”, concluded the strategist.

It was a stimulating day with the discussion between managers and investment professionals providing plenty of food for thought.