Kairos Multi-Strategy S.A.

Kairos Multi-Strategy S.A. is a Luxembourg reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF) that invests globally in alternative funds.

Its objective is to grow capital in the medium to long term through the dynamic allocation of the main international alternative strategies while maintaining contained volatility.

The Fund has an active asset allocation process, which is bolstered by the most exciting topical investment ideas and employs a rigorous fund selection process with active management which generates the alpha. There is a particular focus on investing exclusively in trasparent and liquid strategies while avoiding opaque structures or those with significant financial leverage.

Identity card


Luxembourg reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF)

Management style

Active management style with dynamic equity exposure. Stock picking involves the top quantitative managers in the world

Investment universe

Global alternative funds


Generate alpha while keeping volatility low



The portfolio is invested in strategies and asset classes that are decorrelated from market performance
Capital protection during market downturns and positive returns when markets rally
Dynamic management
Over ten years of experience in fund selection has made it possible to create an extended network of relationships with the industry’s top talent over time