Target Italy is the Luxembourg-based Kairos Alpha Sicav’s feeder fund investing at least 85% of its assets in units of the Kairos International Sicav – Risorgimento fund (the master fund). The remaining 15% may be invested in monetary instruments and/or other liquid assets and financial derivatives to reduce the master fund’s market risk.

Its objective is to gradually grow capital in the medium to long term by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by inefficiencies on the Italian equity market, using non-traditional management techniques.

The master fund portfolio consists of equity instruments that are expected to outperform the benchmark index. The management team uses derivative contracts to almost completely neutralize structural market risk.

A methodical risk control process contains volatility.

Identity card

  • Category

    Flexible equity fund

  • Management style

    Market-neutral management style aimed at neutralizing market risk in exchange for stock-picking risk

  • Investment universe

    Predefined asset allocation of at least 85% in KIS Risorgimento units with hedging that can be modulated for up to 95% of market risk using futures

  • Objective

    Generate value through the management team’s ability to create alpha on the Italian equity market with relatively low volatility

  • Level of risk
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