KEY (Kairos Equity Yield) is the Luxembourg-based Kairos International Sicav’s equity fund investing mainly in European equity markets.

Its objective is to grow capital in the medium to long term by focusing on companies operating in regulated sectors (e.g., transport and infrastructure) and semi-regulated sectors (e.g., telecommunications and concessions) which generally present transparent, steady and sustainable dividend yield over time.

The management style is long/short, long-biased.

Stock-picking is the management team’s main performance driver, as it builds a portfolio centered around defensive businesses that are largely decorrelated from financial market trends.

Identity card


Sector/infrastructure equity fund

Management style

Long/short, long-biased management style combining bottom-up analyses of fundamentals and top-down analyses to identify sector trends

Investment universe

Focused on global equity markets and, in particular, regulated and semi-regulated companies. It mainly invests in global energy, transport and TLC infrastructures, with a specific focus on Europe. It may invest in companies operating in non-reproducible goods, such as monopolies or concessions


Appreciate capital in the medium to long term

Level of risk
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Highest risk indicator in the Sub-fund. For details of the individual classes, please refer to the KIID


Selling points

For investors seeking a fund that picks stocks with highly predictable cash flows and that pay steady dividends over time
Regulated and semi-regulated businesses
For investors seeking a fund that combines the high-yield potential of equities with the low volatility of bonds in these sectors
Bond plus equity
For investors seeking a management team with long-standing experience in the sector and knowledge of regulatory trends
Risk management