Bond Plus is a flexible fixed income sub-fund of the Luxembourg-based Sicav, Kairos International Sicav, which invests in the international bond market.

The objective of the product is to achieve capital growth over the medium term by investing in the entire universe of issued debt securities, with a particular focus on corporate and high yield instruments: the portfolio is built according to the principles of broad diversification and of low concentration.

The management style is strongly active and aims to generate an absolute positive return regardless of market conditions.

Identity card


Flexible fixed-income fund

Management style

Active management style geared towards achieving absolute performance

Investment universe

Government and corporate bonds with a focus on Europe


Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the fixed-income asset class as a whole

Level of risk
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Selling points

For investors seeking a fund that can adapt to changes in the fixed-income context
Dynamic and flexible approach
For investors seeking a fund that can limit country, issuer and portfolio concentration risks
Wide diversification and low concentration
For investors seeking a fund that can pick the most effective bonds