Kairos Pegasus Fund S.A.

Kairos Pegasus Fund S.A. is a Luxembourg reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF) investing in equities with a long/short, event-driven (mainly “soft events”) and medium volatility strategy.

Its objective is to grow capital in the medium to long term by investing in European small, medium and large caps, as well as global shares when opportunities arise. It focuses on value securities with appreciation tied to catalysts and soft events. The Fund selects and pursues investment ideas based on fundamental analysis.

The Fund uses derivatives for speculative and hedging purposes.

Identity card


Luxembourg reserved alternative investment fund (RAIF)

Management style

Equity long/short. In selecting individual long and short investments, the Investment Manager establishes an initial estimate of their absolute upside and downside and continues to monitor them over time

Investment universe

European small, medium and large cap equities. The portfolio is relatively concentrated on a maximum of 5-15 highly convincing investment ideas with both long and short positions in roughly 20–30 shares


Deliver positive absolute returns



The relatively small number of positions is the result of extremely in-depth fundamental analysis
High concentration
The team of professionals managing this fund boasts proven abilities and experience in the analysis of fundamentals and extraordinary corporate events
Fundamental analysis
Higher than average volatility mandates enables the transformation of specific and market dislocations into profit generation
Special situations