Personalized wealth management, objectives and results

3 July 2014

Livio Dalle, Kairos Partners Senior Portfolio Manager, reports on the performance of the personalized wealth management service showing excellent results in recent months. “We are in line with the returns targets we had set at the start of 2014,” begins Dalle. “These results were achieved despite a difficult June due to the poor performance of markets, characterized by many correlation and sector inefficiencies. In addition, pressure was felt in regions of interest, like Italy.

So far, so good for the first half of the year. But what can we expect in the months to come? “We expect to maintain a risk/returns profile that is consistent with the first half of the year,” says Livio Dalle. “In all probability, markets will not be very euphoric, so we have strengthened positions in the most highly correlated segments. For example, we have done this with KIS KEY, the Kairos Partners fund that is the ideal solution to best manage this market scenario”.

These offers and solutions boast a degree of sophistication far above competitors’, mainly due to the possibility of using derivatives and the internal risk management unit. “These are two assets that will prove invaluable in the next few months, when we might very well see more difficult, more volatile markets”. Prospects are therefore interesting for the personalized management products that successfully complete the Kairos wealth management offer in terms of AUM and accounts.