MondoAlternative Awards 2018

26 February 2018

This year as well, the fifteenth edition of MondoAlternative Awards 2018 recognized the excellence in the Alternative’s world and Kairos entered the charts with “special situations” of KIS Pegasus UCITS.

The sub-fund KIS Pegasus UCITS (P Class) won first place in the Liquid Alternative Long/Short Equity Europe 2017 with a performance of 33.73% for 2017.

“Since the launch of the fund in June 2016, high-visibility business models of cash generation have given rise to the largest part of total returns and the disciplined stock-picking process continued to be the main driver of performance in 2017” says Federico Riggio, portfolio manager. Thanks to this approach, Kairos distinguished itself among the management able to generate alpha.

The market returns to alternative investment solutions that can control volatility. Alternative liquid funds have a low correlation with equity indices and, thanks to sophisticated management techniques, they aim to achieve a positive result in any market conditions, with a very limited volatility. This allows to improve the relationship between risk and return of the Portfolio.

We would like to remind that the MondoAlternative Awards reward each year the alternative UCITS products and the Italian hedge funds that show the best performance during 12 months combined with a Sharpe ratio (calculated using a 0.25% risk-free rate) not less than 25% compared to the best index of the Sharpe category.

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