Meeting for young people: “Ideas and investments for your future”

15 April 2016
On Wednesday, April 6, nearly 400 18- to 30-year-olds participated in the Kairos event for young people at the Milan Triennale: the meeting brought them together and gave them the chance to learn from successful business stories while reflecting on the professional opportunities of tomorrow.
Paolo Basilico, Chairman and CEO of Kairos, welcomed the participants and renewed his commitment to leading the young people of today on their paths to growth. Indeed, “Ideas and investments for your future” was an opportunity to meet with people who have transformed their passions into life goals and who set the bar for the next generations.
Special guest Michio Kaku, a leading International scientist, introduced the theme of evolution in the field of recent scientific research, theorizing on the trends that will influence business, health, finance and our way of living in the near future, explaining the importance of riding the wave of technology and digitalization like a surfer, with the ability to foresee what will revolutionize the business.
Professor Mario Calderini, Vice President of Fondazione Politecnico in Milan, also spoke, with an emphasis on education and training, presenting the university’s PoliHub: a genuine idea lab that has generated significant results over the years and given many young people the chance to implement their projects.
The last speaker to take the floor was Stefano Guidotti, the young CEO and co-founder of U-Start, who, with enthusiasm and determination, created a professional scouting company that notifies its clients of the best digital and tech investment opportunities.
This goes to show that Italy offers plenty of opportunities to do good and, undoubtedly, enthusiasm, passion and self-confidence make the difference.