Kairos, player in global challenge

23 January 2015

Fabio Bariletti, General Manager of Kairos, with a brilliant record as manager of funds of funds, recently received Hedge Funds Review’s award for outstanding contribution to the fund of funds industry over the course of his career. Bariletti attributes the award to the success of Kairos, which over fifteen years has unfailingly demonstrated its ability to interpret the expressed and unexpressed needs of its clients and to anticipate market trends. “We see this in the company’s history, which is to say the way in which it has been an absolute pioneer in hedge funds in Italy and in alternative UCITS in Europe. And, above all, we see it today, as we compete in a global context”.

Indeed, the award arrives from London, the capital of innovative finance, a city that is continuously reinventing itself and where even Kairos has always enjoyed an important presence. “We started off in London in 1999 and we still have an office there where certain group funds are managed, including Kairos Multi-Strategy, which also won Hedge Funds Review awards for best multi-strategy fund in the one and three year categories.

As Italian as Kairos may be, it is also very “cosmopolitan”, with a brand that has now become a truly global player: while Kairos hasn’t lost its boutique identity, Bariletti adds, “The Kairos of 2015 is a boutique that can face, withstand and overcome challenges, even when competing against much larger companies, through its remarkable expertise and the sheer excellence of a model that makes focus, quality and innovation top priorities”.