Kairos Pegasus S.A. awarded at the Euro Hedge Prizegiving

25 January 2019

For the second consecutive year, Kairos Pegasus S.A. has been on the podium at the 18th edition of the prestigious EuroHedge Awards ceremony, which took place on 24 January as usual at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Kairos Pegasus S.A. (Class E1), a reserved alternative investment fund investing mainly in the European equity market, came first in the Long Term Performance (5 Years) – Equity Strategies category with a performance of 18.28% compared to 1.86% for the reference index.

The overall performance since its launch was, by contrast, 131.50%, compared to the benchmark (-8.98%).

The EuroHedge Awards celebrate the excellence of funds in the European hedge fund sector: in fact, every year, more than 700 hedge fund managers, investors and other industry professionals meet to reward products that set themselves apart for reporting the best performance during the previous year. The evaluations are performed according to a consolidated quantitative methodology, based on the best risk/return ratio (Sharpe index).

For more details: hfm.global

N.B. Past returns are not an indication of future returns. The value of an investment decrease, including rapidly, in the same way as it can increase, and investors do not necessarily recoup the amount originally invested