Kairos gains three positions in the April funding ranking

29 May 2015

Rising from number 12 to number 9, Kairos joins Italy’s top 10 asset management companies ranked by net funding in April.

Indeed, Assogestioni recently published a map of the asset management industry for April, a monthly report summarising market performance in Italy.

Asset management products are enjoying a particularly successful period, as not only the big names in the sector contribute to performance.

Kairos stood out with funding of €285 million in April, a significant milestone for an independent investment boutique which now manages over €8 billion in assets.

Kairos has built an independent, alternative asset management business based on a total return investment culture, which means focusing on portfolio returns by managing assets with a tight focus on risks and volatility.

In this favourable context for the asset management industry, Kairos  continues to grow alongside its clients.


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