KAIROS and U-START, forge a partnership

8 April 2016
April 6, 2016 saw the formalization of the partnership between Kairos and U-Start, a business initiative to match tech start-ups with digital investors internationally.
Indeed, the Kairos Group’s holding company subscribed U-Start’s 5% capital increase. Next, U-Start Advisor SIM, a stock brokerage company, will be set up and sign a distribution agreement with Kairos’ stock brokerage company. 
In this way, the latter’s clients will be able to benefit from valid support in the creation of efficient portfolios invested in carefully selected tech companies. In addition, they will have access to the education services for members of the U-Start Club, which are specially designed to explain the trends and potential of the digital world and include conferences and webinars, an open window onto the tech world with the most influential opinion leaders.
“We are constantly searching for interesting, reliable investment opportunities: we decided to begin this process with U-Start because we believe it is a worthy partner, especially in terms of responding to the asset management needs of new generations, who, to make knowledgeable decisions, must be able to rely on a sound background of expertise,” noted Paolo Basilico, Chairman and CEO of Kairos.
U-Start is a link between innovation and capital and enriches the select Kairos offer with the exclusivity of the deals it proposes and the possibility of learning about upcoming investment themes close hand.