“Investment scenarios and prospects” – Turin

21 June 2016

The “Investment Scenarios and Prospects” conference was held on June 14 at the historic Hotel Principi di Piemonte in Turin, providing an opportunity to meet and shed light on the challenging market scenario in this first half of 2016.

Paolo Olivieri, Head of the Turin Office and the Investment Advisory Service, welcomed guests with a presentation on the wealth management and advisory services that Kairos offers its clients in Turin.

Paolo Basilico, CEO of Kairos, explained the Group’s innovative ideas and development prospects for the next few months, as part of a continuously evolving project to plot a course through the troubled waters of Europe’s economy  which, unlike the US economy, continues to feel the ripples of the 2008 crisis.

Alessandro Fugnoli, Kairos Strategist, shared his point of view on this eighth year of cyclical recovery, with the aim of finding a way to efficiently face the future and the uncertainty that it holds. The trends in the US dollar and the price of oil, monetary and financial policies and the upcoming Brexit referendum, with their consequences on markets, were some of the hot topics discussed.

In addition , the conference was a chance to present U-Start, a venture capital business initiative with which Kairos has recently signed a partnership agreement. Stefano Guidotti, CEO and Co-founder of U-Start, described the unique offer of this undertaking, whose core business, in his words, “is to accompany members of the U-Start Club in unearthing the best co-investment opportunities in the hi-tech and digital world, with professional venture capitalists in Europe and the United States.”

It was an evening of substance, and once again demonstrated Kairos’ commitment to finding functional, tangible solutions in particularly challenging market contexts.