Other projects

Fondazione Oliver Twist is involved in many other projects to help children and encourage their growth, in partnership with the following associations and organizations:

  • Associazione Progetto Panda Onlus, a non-profit association founded to help families, mothers with young children and pregnant women in disadvantaged mental, physical, economic and/or social circumstances. It sponsors the following projects:
    –  support centers where mothers and children with very serious illnesses (cancer, epilepsy, rare diseases, etc.) may go to talk and receive free psychological care at major hospitals  in the Lombardy region
    –  a selective mutism project for this extremely debilitating disorder. This innovative project takes a multi-prong approach (psychological support, home visits, music therapy, etc.) and involves the various areas of a child’s life (family, school, etc.
    –  a free healthcare initiative to provide the poor with free, high-quality medical check-ups, therapy sessions and rehabilitation to fill the gaps in the national healthcare system.
  • “Morzenti” primary school in S.Angelo Lodigiano with the “Sports for Everyone” project involving 15 classes with approximately 20 students each. This project has expanded the courses taught by integrating the school curriculum with recreational/physical activities. The end aim is to instil positive values and have students experience the benefits of playing sports, fostering self-awareness, team work and social interaction in groups.
  • Associazione Il Cammino, an association that offers initiatives, tools and projects to help families meet their needs at difficult times, with a focus on preventing social marginalization to encourage long-term school attendance with tutoring, sports and occasional activities to improve the use of free time. In particular, the Icaro project targets pre-teens aged 9 to 12.
  • Comunità San Patrignano Società Cooperativa Sociale, a group that has, for years, helped people suffering from addiction and social marginalization find their way forward through treatment. It also works to restore serenity to disadvantaged children from broken homes.
  • CAF Onlus is an innovative non-profit organization with professionals specifically dedicated to providing foster care for children and teenagers who have experienced trauma and abusive relationships, with the goal of breaking the chain that often transforms young victims of violence into violent or neglectful adults.