Mission Bambini

The Foundation has decided to support a few Mission Bambini youth projects.

The “Più inclusione, lavoro e autonomia per i ragazzi” (“More inclusion, work and autonomy for young people”) project offers three opportunities:

  • Fourteen young people between the ages of 16 and 19 from the area of Emilia Romagna who are socially disadvantaged and at risk of poverty are given orientation, training, job placement and employment opportunities;
  • A database is made available containing the information of companies providing training for disenfranchised, neglected, mistreated and abused youth;
  • A network of private non-profit entities and companies working to develop projects aimed at social and labor inclusion of youngsters leaving residential care centers for minors and/or foster homes is available.

The “Anch’io Lavoro!” (“I work too!”) project sets out to help thirty young girls aged between 16 and 21 to develop their personalities. These girls have been removed from their families of origin following interventions by social services and orders from the Juvenile Court; they are enrolled in employment programs in an effort to help them gain psycho-social and environmental autonomy (emotional, scholastic, employment, economic, living, etc.).

The “Lavoro in rosa” (“Job in pink”) project provides training to six 18- and 19-year-old girls from families in Scampia (Naples) lacking educational opportunities. The aim of the project is to help these girls overcome the particularly difficult conditions for women in the local area through personal empowerment, training courses and job experiences in more stimulating environments outside their neighborhoods. Their duties include, for example: hair stylist’s assistant, restaurant server, assistant in a children’s daycare center and children’s aide at the swimming pool.

The “Io Valgo” (“I’m Worth”) project gives teens up to 16 years of age who have not yet earned their middle school diploma a second chance to achieve this milestone. Participants will be given actual lessons in Mathematics, History, Foreign Languages and other subjects, and may also take practical and creative workshops like photography, cooking and “feelings” to encourage personal development and improve their relationships with others and willingness to interact socially.

The “Spago” (“Cord”) project entails the creation of a play area for babies and children up to the age of six, where they will be cared for, encouraged to engage socially and involved in play: mothers and teachers will help them grow as they learn to follow rules and forge relationships. The Association also assists parents by offering advice and, in certain cases, providing specific therapy to meet their psychological needs.