Extel Awards 2017

27 June 2017

Even this year Kairos has received an important prize at the Extel Awards 2017.

Kairos Partners SGR was ranked first in the category “Pan-European Hedge Fund”, and second in the category “Best Fund Management Firm”.

Moreover Oriana Bastianelli, Senior Analyst – Concession Business, was awarded first place among the best analysts in the sectors “Transport” and “Leisure, Entertainment & Hotels” and second place in the category “Best Fund Management Individual”.

2017 was the 44th year for this longstanding event, which awards the companies and managers that excelled in the previous year, based on the results of the well-known survey by Extel, which, since 1974, has conducted investment market research across European Equities. Over 15,500 investment experts and about 5,000 firms participate in this survey.

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