A system that works

10 January 2014

With 2013 behind us and as we move into the first few days of 2014, the finance world is bustling with analyses and projections, and Livio Dalle, Kairos Partners Senior Portfolio Manager, is no exception. His work focuses above all on the management of two network funds (BG Selection Sicav – Kairos Blend and Darta Challenge Team Kairos) and personalized asset management. We asked him to describe the year just ended and reflect  – over the next few days on this site – on what we can expect in 2014.

How did the network funds perform in 2013?

“The last two months of the year were extremely positive, given the underlying funds’ dramatic alpha creation and sound asset allocation. We made the right moves and both risk profile and volatility were very attractive, creating a highly positive situation that helps us set our hopes high as activities continue.”

What about personalized asset management?

“New relationships have been forged and derivatives were used for hedging: this has enabled us to exploit the underlying funds’ creation of alphas and make the most of the market beta. Our correct and fruitful use of the derivatives in portfolio is further evidence that the Kairos system works like a well-oiled machine.”

What are Kairos Partners’ strengths in this area?

“Expertise comes immediately to mind: adequate risk management, compliance and IT systems for the management of derivatives certainly constitute positive aspects of a solid structure capable of rapidly meeting requirements and therefore providing a service that distinguishes us among competitors.”